The Right Partnership


Companies turn to The Job Shop for many reasons.  Some companies utilize flexible staffing as a cost-efficient way to monitor their growth before deciding to hire additional employees.  Others realize through the strategic use of flexible labor, a company can more affordably cope with fluctuations in their full-time staff during business swings.

25 Plus Years Of Experience

  • Established in 1986, The Job Shop was the first privately owned staffing agency in the community.
  • The Job Shop extended its services to the Somerset, KY community in 1990.
  • The Job Shop diversified its services to the medical industry, opening Med Plus Staffing in 1997.
  • In 1999, The Job Shop expanded its offices again to better serve their customers by opening a skilled division called Technical Staffing Solutions.
  • Today, The Job Shop offers a wide variety of human resources services to any employer or employee.

We Get The Job Done!

As The Job Shop continues to create and manage a culturally diverse flexible workforce in an ever changing and restrictive regulatory climate, we can be an invaluable strategic partner for you.