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Looking For The Right Employee?
The Job Shop is an Entry Level Staffing provider ready to meet your placement needs. Screening, interviewing, training and orientating qualified personnel is an extensive commitment in time and expense – The Job Shop does the work for you!

All candidates must pass our screening process before they are eligible to go on assignment. Whatever the position, we provide entry-level, qualified professional personnel.

Our hourly rates usually cost less than the combination of salary, payroll costs and fringe benefits for a full-time employee on your company payroll. You pay only for the hours worked by our employees.

Our rates for a temporary employee include the employee’s hour rate of pay, Federal Unemployment Tax, State Unemployment Insurance Tax, Workers’ Compensation Coverage, Liability Insurance, Employee Bond, Payroll & Accounting Services, Employee Benefits, Customized Company Orientation and access to our full-time Risk Control Manager.

We offer other programs to assist you such as 24-7 On Call Service, Temporary to Full-time program, Special Projects Staffing, 30 Minute Response Time and Replacement Guarantee.

Drug Screening
Skill Evaluation
Reference Check
Safety Training
Risk Management
30 Plus Years Of Experience

Established in 1986, The Job Shop was the first privately owned staffing agency in the community. The Job Shop extended its services to the Somerset, KY community in 1990. The Job Shop diversified its services to the medical industry, opening Med Plus Staffing in 1997. In 1999, The Job Shop expanded its offices again to better serve their customers by opening a skilled division called Technical Staffing Solutions. Our most recent expansion was the opening of our Elizabethtown location in 2015.

Today, The Job Shop offers a wide variety of human resources services to any employer or employee. As The Job Shop continues to create and manage a culturally diverse flexible workforce in an ever changing and restrictive regulatory climate, we can be an invaluable strategic partner for you.

Looking for the right employees? Request a customized staffing proposal!

The Right Partnership

Companies turn to The Job Shop for many reasons. Some companies utilize flexible staffing as a cost-efficient way to monitor their growth before deciding to hire additional employees. Others realize through the strategic use of flexible labor, a company can more affordably cope with fluctuations in their full-time staff during business swings.

Providing Qualified Entry-Level Personnel


Bank Teller

Call Center Operator


Customer Service

General Labor



& More

The Right Experts

The Job Shop is your single source for a portfolio of diversified staffing services that always brings you The Right People… Right Now. We have become experts in the complex areas of human resources.

  • Continually updating our staff’s training in employment and labor law practices.
  • Keeping abreast of recent and pending legislation that may affect employment.
  • Maintaining written injury and illness prevention program for our employees.
  • Initiating joint programs with our clients to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Offering expertise in privacy protection laws as they relate to background investigations and drug testing.
  • Retain legal counsel in employment law.
  • Remain current on proper procedures for handling and documenting disciplinary action regarding sensitive employment issues.
  • Working to discover areas of co-employment liability and develop plans to minimize exposure.

The Right ROI

Flexible, Cost Efficient

Companies find they can increase employee productivity while maintaining reasonable cost ratios by supporting their full time staff with qualified flexible employees on an interim basis. The certified Human Resource Professionals at The Job Shop have been working behind the scenes since 1986 for their customers to assure flexible, cost-efficient employment services. Our customers are guaranteed return on their investment when utilizing the service and they can call for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The Job Shop Assures Compliance In:

  • Pre-Employment Hiring
  • Immigration Laws
  • Wage & Hour Laws
  • OSHA Regulations
  • EEOC Issues
  • Employment Discrimination Issues

Increase your roi using our staffing services.

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