Employee Benefits

Affordable Care Compliant Insuarnce available for all full time employees, please see attached plan documents below for more details.

2017-2018 Insurance Enrollment Packet

Instant Access To Pay Weekly:

Assigned employees can receive their pay by Direct Deposit or Payroll card.  All monies will be deposited on Friday of every week.  Not standing in line waiting on checks to be distributed.  **Employees are not charged check cashing fees or even bank account charges.

Online Access to Payroll History:

Employees can access their employee record from the comfort of home, print payroll check stubs, view pay history, etc.

24 Hour Job Hotline:

Our employees are given access to our staff 24/7.  We offer an after hours on call number to contact our staff at their convenience not just during office hours.  We are available to answer questions, solve problems, and address concerns 24/7!

Paid Days Off or Extra Pay for Hours Worked:

For every 1500 hours worked, the temporary employee will receive twenty-four (24) hours of bonus pay that can be used as two days off or extra pay added to the next payroll their current pay rate.  **The Job Shop benefit packages vary based on position, location, duration and other facotrs.  Specifics of benefits package are based on assignment and hours worked.  Employees assigned to HFS do not qualify for Bonus Day program, but qualifying temps participate in a paid Holiday Program.

Recommend a Friend Referral Bonus:

The easiest way yet to earn money...simply refer your friends, relatives, neighbors or acquaintances to apply for employment with The Job Shop.  When the referrals (friends, relatives, neighbors or acquaintances) come in, apply and pass our screening process, go to work and work 80 hours, employees will receive $50.00 added to next payroll. THERE IS NO LIMIT!