World Class Risk Management


Full Time Risk Manager on Staff that is OSHA Certified. 

Med Cor: 24/7 telephonic triage on all injuries no matter how minor by Registered Nurses.  Provided FREE of charge.


Preservation of Your Safety Record

We are keenly aware of our role in protecting your experience.  We partner with our clients to promote safety awareness, ensure proper training, and provide a safe working environment for all employees, both yours and ours.


Maintaining a mock OSHA 300 Log for each client.  *Tracking all lost and restricted days.  *Completing an OSHA 301 Injury and Illness Incident Report

Modified Duty Program

The Job Shop has developed a Modified Duty Program that will allow our injured workers to return to work on a modified duty status by making accommodations for work restrictions.  Modified Duty is provided FREE of charge and not billed to Client.

Intimate Knowledge of Your Facilities

We conduct a thorough site inspection before we assign any of our workers to your facility.   In order to Provide you with high quality labor, we need to understand your environment, machinery, training needs, production goals, etc.  We use this information to provide you with the best possible workforce. 

Talent Matching & Lower Turnover

It is important to have an intimate understanding of your operations in order to provide workers who will meet your standard.  This includes the physical abilities to fulfill the essential functions of the job as well as skill sets that are consistent with your operation.  Because of the comprehensive screening and filtering processes, our staffing service employees are higher quality workers.  Our staffing service demonstrates lower turnover rates than general industry averages.

Client Specific Orientation

We provide all of our workers with a documented safety orientation.  When we identify that a workers fits your needs, we have a customized orientation process to accurately reflect the work environment at client site.  

Safety Incentives

$100,000 Giveaway-One employee is given the opportunity to draw two envelopes, if when opened, both envelopes say $100,000 the employee wins!  If not the employee is guaranteed to win $2000.00.  This contest is typically ran during the busiest times of the year 4th Quarter October-December.

Safety Bingo-Employees are given cards that say Safety (instead of Bingo); Each day different numbers are drawn, The first employee to cover the entire card will win $250.00 prize.

Other Incentives Include:  Trip Giveaways *  T-Shirts * Sweet Treats * Gift Cards

Employees may qualify to participate in Safety Incentive if the following conditions are met:

  • Worked a minimum of 32 hours. 
  • Experienced NO on the job accident or injury. 
  • No disciplinary action.